Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nur Aleesya Zahra

Nur Aleesya Zahra Bt Fikri

3rd May 2009

Born at 946PM

Intubated at 5 minutes of life

Extubated at 15 minutes of life

Admitted at NICU at 1115PM (hyper care)

Baby looks distressed and Intubated again in NICU

4th May 2009

Self extubated during 630AM

Self breathing without machine

Breastfeeding ok

5th May 2009


6th May 2009


7th May 2009

Breastfeeding ok

Discharge at 7PM

2 hours before deliver

Mama.. dh nk kluaq dh ni, mai la cepat... :)

13 days..

p/s: thanks to uncle c9 for this shirt.

20 days... aloha !!!

Alhamdullilah, syukur to Allah SWT, my princess safely delivered to this world after a tremendous work from medical team @ PPUKM and great fighting spirit from my princess. Many thanks to our parents, ma & ba, ma & pa, our sisters, brothers who did immediately came down to KL when they heard Zahra was critical that time. Many thanks to Sis Leen; who did the epidural thing to Diana, without that, for sure Diana's voice can be heard from outside of the labour room. :). Thanks to NICU team and everyone who came to visit my Zahra. Zahra still at Puncak Jalil until 23rd May. Then she will follow her lovely mother to "pantang" at Kedah. Thanks to my lovely wife, Diana, after big effort of “push” :) ,you managed to get me a princess, ops.. our princess. Muahs !!!

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bro..tahniah..upload bebanyak lg...malam td xdapat dtg join...ade keje...

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