Friday, June 26, 2009

Why People Leaving

-low pay
-no bonus

Career advancement
-seeking for a better position to improve current skill sets
-opportunity to acquire new skill sets
-places which have training and development facilities

Recognition and appreciation
-My boss doesn’t even know my name
-My boss doesn’t even know which project/activity I am attached to now.
-If employees are recognized and appreciated for their individual contributions, they feel valued by their employer, and are more inclined to stay in their current position. Otherwise, their employee morale declines and dissatisfaction grows.

Lack of support and facilities
-A supportive professional environment can significantly increase employee satisfaction levels, as employees are able to make optimum utilization of the time available for a particular task. This also helps employees appreciate their work experience.

Poor relations with management
-My boss sux!!!
-My boss keeps rejecting my claims!!!
-Poor communication between management and employees

Stress and personal life
-Heavy workload
-Less time with family and personal interest

Other issues
-My colleague sux!!!
-My office is too far (Traffic jam / Toll / Parking)
-Bad office politics / Crony / racist

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